November 20, 2019

Our 2019 Software Guide for Game Streamers

It’s growing more and more popular to stream games on popular services like Twitch, YouTube, or even Mixer. So, if you’re thinking of joining that cult, here are our recommendations on what the best software is for streaming games.

Our Software Recommendations

Everyone has a different opinion, but here is our opinion about software choices. These are heavily trusted by us and the community.

Streaming App: Open Broadcaster Software Studio (OBS Studio)

To any big streamer, they might say “Get Streamlabs! It Has Everything!!!” While that is true, it is very heavy on CPU and ram. This is an Electron app. What is that? This is an app that is solely based on the internet, and this can slow down your computer greatly. OBS Studio is not like this. This is a fully native application and you can get donations, alerts, and high-quality streaming, right from a single app.

Stream To Multiple Services With

Restream is the best way to stream to all platforms at once, and get all chats in one place. This is great because you can stream to Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, Facebook Live, etc. You can connect your account directly to OBS Studio and this gives you the option to update bulk stream information, and combined chat. It is altogether, and everything happens in the cloud. All you do is stream to their servers and it outputs a high-quality stream to each service.

Get Your Notifications With StreamElements

This is a highly trusted service that has everything. It does have a plugin for OBS Studio so you can get notifications directly in the app. You can create stunning overlays to make your stream look professional and have your donation alerts pop up on your stream immediately.

Choose Games That You Are Good At And Like

This is up to you, but play games that people will find interesting. You will get more followers based on the game that you play. If you are bad at it,, then maybe you won’t get as good of a fan-base, but that’s ok. Do what you want. Not for money, but do it because you want to. Do it for fun.
Hopefully, this was a good guide for getting started for streaming games to Twitch or YouTube. This should’ve worked and you should have fun doing it. Let us know if you want an updated guide for next year.

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